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Howdy Folks!
dara scored 1190 in Frosty Donuts on August 17, 2018, 8:26 pm
*dara scored 7000 in Cute Puzzle Witch on August 17, 2018, 8:09 pm
*Capt. Cave Man scored -47 in Graveyard Golf on August 15, 2018, 11:13 pm
masodo scored 1190 in Simpsons Similarities on August 15, 2018, 8:10 pm
chrisxp scored 920 in Simpsons Similarities on August 12, 2018, 12:58 pm
dara(70 Wins)
panda(69 Wins)
mike(59 Wins)
masodo(7 Wins)
Harmony(4 Wins)
Capt. Cave Man(3 Wins)
Cinderella(3 Wins)
Eagle_Kiwi(2 Wins)
dude(2 Wins)
Krikke(1 Wins)
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Admin: [color=green]Welcome to DeBurger Arcade [b][url=]chrisxp[/url][/b] [/color][i]Thanks for joining us![/i]

Admin: Thank you napalm, i will work on these items when I can. I appreciate your valuable input.

napalm: gname being the actual game name

napalm: they do not have a gamedata folder.. just them gname.html in their main directory. check them out & you'll see what I am referring to

napalm: html5 v1 games you will have to change the save sub-routine to adapt them to your site.. just swap them out with the newer one that I made.. the file setup is different though

napalm: They will be on my website though & not on github.. go to my arcade & download them when I make them available. The ones for your arcade will be tagged as html5 v2

napalm: I did another game you can use called space rocks but it's very basic.. I will be working on some better ones in the next week or so

napalm: oops.. I forgot that for those examples ensure to add px value to height/width in css style [code]<iframe src="' . $bg[remotelink] . '" style="outline: none;border: 0px;width: ' . $bg['gamewidth'] . 'px;height: ' . $bg['gameheight'] . px';overflow: hidden;" onload="this.contentWindow.focus()" id="' . $bg[id] . '" data-id="' . $bg[id] . '" data-gname="' . $bg[gameid] . '"></iframe>[/code]

napalm: passing unique attributes can be done like this: [code]<iframe src="' . $bg[remotelink] . '" style="outline: none;border: 0px;width: ' . $bg['gamewidth'] . ';height: ' . $bg['gameheight'] . ';overflow: hidden;" onload="this.contentWindow.focus()" id="' . $bg[id] . '" data-id="' . $bg[id] . '" data-gname="' . $bg[gameid] . '"></iframe> [/code]

napalm: omg.. you don't even have doctype declaration, html, head, body tags .. lol.. these are important

napalm: html5 does not accept some of the older html4 or xhtml attributes. ref. .. look at attributes not supported. although I understand it is the parent page..

napalm: id & name are fine.. try: [code] <iframe src="' . $bg[remotelink] . '" style="border: 0px;width: ' . $bg['gamewidth'] . ';height: ' . $bg['gameheight'] . ';overflow: hidden;" onload="this.contentWindow.focus()" id="' . $bg[id] . '" name="' . $bg[gameid] . '"></iframe> [/code]

napalm: it should be ie. data-gname="infinitemario" & data-gid="438" .. I don't understand why you are allocating gid & gname when it can not be used

napalm: gid="" & gname="" is not retrievable since jabvascript/html do not recognize those attributes

napalm: as it is I have to hack the src of the iframe to get that value

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HeiroglyphTop Score
Find The Heiroglyphs.

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Played 1184 Times
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Arthur - Find the NumbersTop Score
Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.

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Played 1307 Times
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Find The NumbersTop Score
Find The Numbers before time run out

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Played 1326 Times
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Find the Numbers - 28Top Score
Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.

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Played 1224 Times
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Abandoned City Hid ObjTop Score
The only way to save the city was to abandon it. It was a plan, a very big plan, a very very big plan… We were supposed to abandon the city and when we returned it would have been cleaned and rebuilt by robots. However, a few of them are not working, an

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Played 1211 Times
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Castle Seeker Hid ObjTop Score
Alex works as an archaeologist for Monsieur Museum. He has been tasked to enter the dark castle after hours and find some artifacts so that they can be preserved in a secure environment. It is going to be dark, scary and Alex will be all alone; that is un

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Played 1227 Times
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Find The Numbers 31Top Score
Find all The Numbers - One time each - dont overclick!.

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Played 1129 Times
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Crystal Hunter - Episode 1Top Score
Hunting for crystals in the fastest time. Arrows on left and right side to change rooms.

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Played 1240 Times
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