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*masodo scored 24 in Caveman Adventures on February 17, 2019, 6:30 pm
Admin scored 17 in Caveman Adventures on February 17, 2019, 11:16 am
*panda scored 41618 in Frozen Bubble on February 16, 2019, 6:33 am
dara scored 39358 in Frozen Bubble on February 1, 2019, 11:55 am
dara scored 29539 in Christmas Tripeaks on January 24, 2019, 6:39 pm
*dara scored 47563 in Circus Adventures on January 22, 2019, 3:07 pm
*dara scored 3000 in Knights Magic Solitaire Hard on January 15, 2019, 10:50 am
panda scored 1600 in Christmas Gifts on January 4, 2019, 1:59 pm
panda scored 2800 in Rolling Cheese on January 4, 2019, 1:57 pm
*panda scored 30245 in Christmas Tripeaks on January 4, 2019, 1:54 pm
*dara scored 2095 in Video Poker Jokers Wild on January 2, 2019, 10:36 am
*dara scored 3470 in Pineapple Whammy on December 26, 2018, 8:56 am
*dara scored 6900 in Rolling Cheese on December 26, 2018, 8:29 am
masodo scored 2210 in Christmas Gifts on December 25, 2018, 9:09 pm
Arcade Champion
with 105 wins!

  mike (76 Wins)
  panda (69 Wins)
  grapjas (24 Wins)
  masodo (23 Wins)
  Harmony (7 Wins)
  Eagle_Kiwi (3 Wins)
  Capt. Cave Man (2 Wins)
  Cinderella (2 Wins)
  Krikke (1 Wins)
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posted time  Admin: also todo: Online Users List

posted time  dara: good morning Panda!

posted time  Admin: Todo: Fix "Search" function

posted time  Admin: Arcade Re-coded - BETA version now installed! - Please let me know if you spot any bugs!!

posted time  Admin: Welcome to DeBurger Arcade testi Thanks for joining us!

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posted time  Admin: Welcome to DeBurger Arcade farooqkz Thanks for joining us!

posted time  mike: Hi chrisxp nice to see you

posted time  chrisxp: hiya everyone i hope your all well

posted time  mike: @dara

posted time  dara: welcome back Momo, challenge me with your best if you dare!

posted time  momo:

posted time  dara: welcome back Panda, I so miss the challenge! Come beat my records if you dare!

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UsersNameimagepanda is 3rd in the Arcade.image
69 wins

Games that panda is champion.
Flasteroids - A twist on the game asteroids, created by Bodekaer.
Score to beat:
Asteroids - The hit arcade classic.
Score to beat:
Space Invaders - Blast Aliens in this classic game!
Score to beat:
Bejeweled - Swap gems to match sets of 3 in this classic puzzle game.
Score to beat:
Gazzoline - You are the only attendant at the gazzoline station, keep your customers happy.
Score to beat:
Ultimate Greed Poker Slingo - Win Big, you only got 10 games
Score to beat:
backGammon - classic game of skill and strategy mixed in with a little bit of luck, our backgammon game and online backgammon board date back to the earliest civilization - Mesopotamia (also know as the Royal game of UR). Simple yet challenging, when you play free ba
Score to beat:
Dynomite - Shoot the same colored eggs and match them up to destroy them.
Score to beat:
Captain Skyro - Climb the clouds.
Score to beat:
Solitaire Golf SLingo - Win Big!
Score to beat:
Alfred Alien Rush Hour - Collect Shopping Baskets, Avoid Obstacles
Score to beat:
Aces High - Gamble on each turn of a card. Beat the Computer to win. Click BANK to submit.
Score to beat:
Balloon Bomber - Throw bombs from your balloon to destroy the barrels below.
Score to beat:
Five - Connect five colors together to make a score
Score to beat:
Doggy UFO - Pilot your ufo collecting the required items to reach the next level
Score to beat:
Heiroglyph - Find The Heiroglyphs.
Score to beat:
Action Escape - Action Escape Kitty is a fast-paced shooter, where the goal is to survive as long as you can and reach a highscore. Includes a Time Attack mode exclusive .
Score to beat:
Alpine Escape 2 - Shoot the planes avoiding the mines and save as many maidens as you can.
Score to beat:
Alpine Escape - Dodge the rockets?
Score to beat:
Escape from Toyland - Avoid hitting any of the various enemies, and collect things.
Score to beat:
Donkey Kong Jungle Bal - A bubbleshooter, with Donkey Kong firing the balls. (Game has a slight display glitch after a few rounds, but is still playable.)
Score to beat:
Jewel Explode - Combine jewels in this steampunk-themed match3 game and try to earn as many points as possible! Swap stones on the field and match at least 3 same-colored jewels. Bigger combinations will give you special stones that explode large areas. Play stra
Score to beat:
BubbleFish Buddies - Have fun with a little crab to send small colorful fish in bubbles. Beware of marine animals that could harm your fish, jellies active bubbles through flaming bubbles. Will this bring you place all your fish without errors? ... Score AUTOSUBMITS invisibly
Score to beat:
spaced out - Explore space - collect bolts to repair the space lab and try to defeat the aliens along the way! Challenge your friends! ... Score AUTOSUBMITS invisibly.
Score to beat:
1001 Arabian Nights 4 - View a world worthy of the Arabian Nights. In this sequel you have to get the keys of gold to complete the story. Thanks to the magic objects that you get it back, you'll gradually display pieces of the script of the game. Make combinations at lea
Score to beat:
Knight Of The Day - Solve the puzzles to beat the enemies. Connects match and make the bottles of the same color to unlock different powers. Uses the strategy to win the battle!
Score to beat:
Elevation - Try and avoid obstacles such as Elevators, Spinning Ball and Spikes etc and make your way up the levels.
Score to beat:
Blow Fish - Play this underwater Plinko-like game! Use your pearls to destroy all of the sea creatures and clear the level. Tap and release to aim and shoot the pearls and watch as they drop and bounce through the level. You can spend the points you earn on special e
Score to beat:
Silly Ways To Die - Your clicks have the power to protect each of these silly citizens. You just have to figure out how! Game submits score in the background without refreshing the page.
Score to beat:
Asian Riddles - Enjoy the challenging nonograms and get beautiful pictures in the game Asian Riddles! Here you are to solve all nonograms and set high scores. Do not miss a chance to rack your brains at logic game Asian Riddles! Numbers in front of the rows and columns w
Score to beat:
Adventure Craft - lay reliage a game with a theme called Minecraft Adventure Craft! In this game the simple principle, your goal is to connect identical blocks to make them disappear and score points as well. You will have in each level for a specific purpose (scor
Score to beat:
Ancient Ore - In Ancient Ore, you must achieve complete quests each level and to achieve that, you have only to look at the early levels in the upper right corner of your game screen to see what you have to this point in question. Then, all you have to do is to success
Score to beat:
Fly Qumi - Flappy Bird is out of date, here is Qumi Fly Bird! It is also a game of distance where you play as a volatile wishing to go as far as possible. This time you will not have to fly between green pipes, but between boulders to reach your goal. Collec
Score to beat:
Legend Of El Dorado - Join the expedition of Dr. von Hutten in the Amazon forest in this new version of the Legend of El Dorado. Map of conquistadors tells you the way to the Temples of the Sun. Piles of gold they really waiting for you, or is it just a myth? Call upon your st
Score to beat:
Graveyard Golf - A great miniature golf game set in a spooky graveyard.
Score to beat:
WORDZ - Solve the puzzles for the highest score
Score to beat:
Gray Matter Leap - Help gray tadpoles to cross the stream of water on golden blocks Frogger-style. How many blocks do you able to cross?
Score to beat:
Winnie Memory - Winnie the Pooh Matching Game
Score to beat:
Pacman - Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!
Score to beat:
Lazy Hippo - A Pipes/Connect game
Score to beat:
A Dralien Day - Help Dralien as he travels over a hostile alien planet searching for his Dragon mom who was taken by Dragon Hunters.
Score to beat:
Swoop - Take the cockpit of an aerobatic airplane and fly above the clouds to collect precious jewels! In Swooop you embody the pilot of a plane and you have to catch enough stars and gems to continue to fly, you will unlock a bonus area with a special ge
Score to beat:
Sort My Tiles Aladin And Genie - Put the Tiles of Aladin And Genie in the right spaces. This is a low score game
Score to beat:
Zwarte Piet - Platform game about Zwarte Piet, collect the presents and cookies in each level and deliver them to the right chimneys.
Score to beat:
The Adventures Of Popcorn - help the little hero to collect special eggs into a platform decorated invaded monsters, pick them in order for even more points and makes you never touch by its horrible creatures.
Score to beat:
Momo Pop - Momo Pop game is a great match 3 game where you will discover not only a multitude of levels but also an incredible number of new features and bonuses.
Score to beat:
Twisted City - A Pipes~Connect game where youll have to place the various stretches of road in the right direction to take the fire engines, delivering pizzas, police ... to the requested address. ... Game Saves Your PROGRESS.
Score to beat:
ToTwo: Easy - TOTWO is a pairs game. Click on the cards to see what is behind them, and try to match all the pairs before the time runs out! Have fun!
Score to beat:
Wothan the Barbarian - A -Falldown- type game. Help Wothan barbarian to descend lower and lower in the cave dodging traps and deadly spikes coming down on him ... Score AUTOSUBMITS invisibly.
Score to beat:
Jungle Fruit - Click barrels that have a number value of 1 more, 1 less or equal to the barrel at the bottom!
Score to beat:
Qbqbqb - Can you control the laws of gravity in this cosmic puzzle game? Spread the world as the light beams become jammed in the atmosphere. Will you manage to assemble them in the correct order without it being a mess? Each set of 3 beams will disappear, allowin
Score to beat:
Brainyplex - A remake of Supaplex, one of the best games ever, similar to Boulderdash. Collect as many Infotrons as you can. Prove you're a Hardcore Player and get 3 stars on every level! . . To Submit, use the Storage icon top right of title screen. .
Score to beat:
The Video Game of Life - Get all coins! Getting to the exit is a breeze in this jump-and-run game. But collecting all the coins is damn hard. Deadly chasms, razor-sharp spikes and moving platforms provide plenty of challenges! Try your luck. . Game Saves Your PROG
Score to beat:
Back To CandyLand Episode 3 - The sweet world of Candyland still has many secrets to unveil. Welcome back to Back To CandyLand Episode 3 - Sweet River! Many new levels and a new adventure are waiting for you in this colorful Bejeweled. You will have to complete the different challenge
Score to beat:
Jump Planets - You control a spaceship that allows you to jump from planet to planet. Be careful to calculate your shot because if the path is automatically good, the rotating asteroid goshawks planets could well damage your ship.
Score to beat:
Gravitex - This is about determining the direction and speed of this ball. However, that's not all the ball has to collect different things before it reaches its goal! 25 levels.
Score to beat:
Runes Of Mystery - In Runes Of Mystery, click on at least 3 identical runes to clear them. Removes all gray funds and / or parts and reached the goal stated to the next level. Try to improve your score by replaying the level of your choice.
Score to beat:
Sweets Monster - In times of Halloween, the little monsters love sweets. Embodies one of these monsters and harvest a maximum of candy on maximum distance. Dodge obstacles and other traps to stay longer in the race.
Score to beat:
Cheese Lab - Youre a small mouse and you have to climb as high as possible, collecting on your way to the cheese pieces and various bonuses, also dodge mechanical cats and other treacherous traps. . . Game remembers your best score, then IF you beat it the new score i
Score to beat:
Bots Boom Bang - Enter the world of Bits & Bytes and discovers the most stylish robots of all time. Bots Boom Bang is an amazing game, funny and stylish - a game like no other. Changing an unprecedented challenge: find the circuit solution using robots to meet. Us
Score to beat:
Farm Invaders - You think scarecrows take it easy in the fields in the countryside? So you do not know the Farm Invaders, it will show you what it is to be scarecrow
Score to beat:
Volfied Virus - Nasty viruses have infiltrated this the body of this person. Now it is up to you to stop them in this online skill game. Give the immune system a boost by creating healthy zones that will vanquish the viruses
Score to beat:
Tetris Twist - An addictive puzzle game with deceptive simplicity. Here you will evolve in different cities. Discover new fun ways to play differently at Tetris, or play Marathon mode to enjoy the sensations of traditional playability.
Score to beat:
Frosty Donuts - Step inside this wonderful bakery and see if you can arrange all of these frosted donuts in the correct order. Can you get them squared away before time runs out in this puzzle game? Game submits score in the background without refreshing the page.
Score to beat:
Honey Shot - Get your bionic bear as high as you can
Score to beat:
Chisel - Move Chiseller with the arrow keys and cut through the planet to reach the target size to win. .. Game Saves Your PROGRESS. . (Score Submit after any failed level.)
Score to beat:
Aqua Bubbles - Pop chains of bubbles of the same color and free those cute fluffy pets.
Score to beat:
Frozen Bubble - CLASSIC! Shoot bubbles up and create groups of 3 or more of the same bubbles to remove them from the game.
Score to beat:
Christmas Tripeaks - Remove all cards from the tableau by selecting open cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card. Click on the stock (next card) to get a new open card
Score to beat:

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