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Welcome to Oaklandon Sunday, February 05 2023 @ 05:10 AM EST

Farms Laid Waste Along The Big Four

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Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 26 June 1902

Farms Laid Waste Along The Big Four I

Whole Forest Down. II


Farms Laid Waste Along The Big Four

Heavy Loss In Crops, Fences and Buildings.

James Van Hay Was Killed

Crushed to death near Pendleton by the collapse of a barn -- Other were injured.


Whole Forest Down.

From Lawrence to Oaklandon the evldencee of the storm's wickedness multiplied; here a whole forest in snarl of tangled limbs and broken trunks; there a cornfield in ribbons. Along the line of the railroad, too, the telegraph wires began to show the effects, and there are many miles in which the telegraph poles are twisted off, lying close to the track, the wires straggling along the ground.

At Oaklandon, too, where the train stopped to take orders, it was noticed that both of the arms of the semaphore had been blown away and a section hut by the track was blown over on its side with a handcar close by in the ditch, its wheels turned upwards.

Loss of Life Exaggerated.

At every stopping place there was a crowd of loungers to meet the train and there was an anxious look on many of the faces. Always it was reported that the damage was greater elsewhere. Fear aided imagination, and exaggeration was the order of the day. At Oaklandon a lounger was asked as to the extent of the damage.

"Oh, a few houses blown over and most of the crops ruined."
"Anybody hurt around here?"
"No, not here; but up the road apiece I hear there's ten or twelve people killed."

At McCordsville the damage to the town was considerable and was evident to everyone in the mass of fallen brick, in twisted timbers, in houses that have been crushed and flattened by the wind. One mile east of McCordsville the house Carter Brockau was twisted by the wind.


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