Oaklandon found in Sports Illustrated

When searching reference materials for anything related to Oaklandon, I came across a mention in Sports Illustrated 08/26/1968, Vol. 29, Issue 9, Letter From The Publisher. By Garry Valk. In the article the author shares his thoughts on the periodical's letter-writing readers and refers to a letter received from a 12 year old named Clarke Hemphill with a suggestion for some unique sports coverage for the magazine:

... Not long ago our curiosity was rewarded again when we gave full attention to this penciled communication from the Midwest: "Dear Sirs. My name is Clarke Hemphill. I am 12 years old and live at Oaklandon, Indiana. My father and I water race dogs. I doubt if you are familiar with the sport but you put a raccoon on a metal float and then let the dogs out of the box.... They swim after the raccoon on the float but there is no possible way for the raccoon to be caught.... I think it would make a very colorful cover story...the date is the weekend of the Forth of July." Master Hemphill's letter contained a diagram of admirable clarity, which helped us understand the rather mystifying phrase "water race dogs." After a couple of senior editors and the art and picture departments had given the suggestion their careful consideration, we opened negotiations with the young man and found him most helpful and efficient in the matter of arrangements and directions. His most recent communication ends, "P.S. Not trying to hog the camera or nothing but if you use it as a cover story we have a dog named Tiger who jumps from the box very well.... This is only a suggestion." Well, we took the suggestion, of course, and you should be seeing the pictures one of these days, although we can't guarantee that Tiger will make the cover. ...

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER. By: Valk, Garry, Sports Illustrated, 0038822X, 08/26/1968, Vol. 29, Issue 9

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