The Deluge

Started by Michael:D, April 20, 2016, 11:26:49 AM

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16:54 - Digitized by AVGeeks from the Prelinger Archives.

This is a silent Biblical drama performed 3317 years B.C., a picture of the destruction of the world by a flood. The Lord, observing the wickedness of the world, decides to destroy it. He instructs Noah to build an ark, or boat, in which he and his three sons, his wife and their wives take refuge. He is also told to take into the ark two of each of all living creatures. Noah does as he is told; the rain descends upon the earth, covering it with water, and the people are destroyed, but Noah, his sons and their families are saved. After forty days of inundation the water subsides. Noah sends out a dove from the ark; it returns with an olive branch in its mouth. After a short period the ark rests on Mount Ararat; Noah releases all the inmates from the ark; he and his sons and their wives build an altar unto the Lord, make sacrifice and offer up prayer and thanksgiving for their deliverance. The Lord sets a rainbow in the sky as a promise that he will never destroy the world again with a deluge.

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