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Started by Michael:D, June 29, 2016, 11:43:46 AM

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It might be useful to have a topic where members of the group could introduce themselves.
If you are a member (or even a fan) of the "Not Mainstream Doctrine" Bible Study class please introduce yourself below.


Hello, I'm Michael DeBurger.

I will be going by Mike:D in class or you can just call me Mike. (The pastor here at Mt. Zion is also named Mike and I am sure he would appreciate it if you recognize the distinction.) ;)

I'm a "Born Again Christian" and let Jesus into my heart at the tender age of 13, right here at this very Church. Since that time I have been an on-again/off-again member of the congregation (mostly off-again.)  8)

I have spent most of my life as a free-lance Christian with occasional journeys into various churches here and there. I have never lost my desire to study scripture (although there have certainly been times when sin was my major driving force.)  :o

I tend to look at the world scientifically and feel that Biblical truth will easily coexist with scientific principle only if-and-when we properly understand both avenues of knowledge. I am an abstract thinker and truly feel that God has blessed me with a prophetic nature.  ???

When I first heard of this - Jokingly Referred To As - 'Heretic Meeting' I knew this was the group for me.
So far, so good... I am learning quite a bit about the Bible and Religion and thank God for this new focus on discovery. This is a great group of folks who are serious about growing their faith and enjoying the process.  ::)

I serve as webmaster here at MtZionIndy.org and am the de facto moderator of the Vestibule. I truly hope that since you have gone so far as to read this post that you might stick around, join the crew and let the Holy Spirit do his thing in you, too.  :D


Hi, my name is Greg Davis but you can call me Greg  :) (Dave calls me sensei but I ignore him).

Like Mike, I too was saved at the age of 13 (camp Berean, 1973) but I didn't really do much with my new found salvation for many years. Looking back, I know God preserved and protected me from many bad things. I grew up in the 70's but never really got into the drug scene or any of the other "if it feels good, do it" things most of the kids my age got into back then. God was faithful even when I wasn't.

I didn't really start studying and searching for God until I moved back to Indy from Florida in 1990. My father, brother and I stumbled across a great Bible prophecy teacher named Chuck Missler (www.khouse.org). He made Bible study fun and interesting. I learned a lot from him and I credit him for sparking my interest in the salvation that I had taken for granted for almost 20 years.

Since then, I have found several Bible teachers that have taught me even more. Les Feldick (http://www.lesfeldick.org/), Richard Jordan (http://www.forgottentruths.com/), Martin Zender (http://www.martinzender.com/) (Martin has a ton of stuff on his website, a newsletter, Youtube channel and much more. He can be a little over the top sometimes but he loves the Lord with all his heart), Dan Sheridan (http://sheridanvoice.com/blog/).

I too am very nuts and bolts in my approach to Bible study. I love to see how God works and how it relates to the world around us. God created science so it only makes sense that it matches up with His handiwork perfectly.

So, if you haven't been scared off by us yet, why not join our little group, both here in this forum and in person at the church on Tuesdays (most Tuesdays, sometimes we get preempted by a church council meeting).

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