Episode 3 - The One Where We Continue Discussing The Two Gospels

Started by Michael:D, August 10, 2016, 11:15:47 AM

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In this episode Greg and Mike:D are joined by Jack and Casey. An investigation of the difference between the "Gospel of the Circumcision" and the "Gospel of the Uncircumcision" is begun but Mike:D just can't let go of his quest to bring these two gospels together into one. A lively discussion ensues and many related topics are explored.

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Hello fellow heretics and heretic wannabes. As you can see from Mike:D's post, our discussion got a little long. We shoot for an hour but sometimes what comes out of mouths is just too good to edit out.  :o

As Mike:D said, we continued the conversation we started at our last meeting (which unfortunately was 3 weeks ago since we had actual church business to conduct on our usual Tuesday night get togethers) on the difference between to two gospels in the New Testament. I have uploaded a document HERE, in pdf format so you can sort of follow along with our conversation. As per usual, we didn't stick strictly to the document and will most likely continue it in our next meeting... so stay tuned.

This idea that the "Gospel of the Kingdom" (aka the gospel of the circumcision) that Jesus preached in His earthly ministry is different than the "Gospel of the Grace of God (aka the gospel of the uncircumcision) that Paul taught is vital to understanding what God is doing today. It lays the ground work for all of Pauls revelations (the mysteries/secrets revealed to him by the Ascended Lord Jesus). It doesn't take a very close look at what Jesus preached to Israel and what Paul preached to the gentiles to see that they are not the same. The problem is, not many people take the time to study it. They take the word of their teachers/preachers that Paul is "just an extension of the 12 Apostles", that they teach essentially the same thing. That is not true, as we will see in the coming weeks.

Anywho, thanks for your interest and/or participation on this forum. You have taken a step that way too many Christians are too busy (or frankly... to lazy) to take. We just ask that you study anything we discuss in this forum prayerfully and let the Holy Spirit lead you where He wills.


If ever a post should come with a disclaimer designed to distance "staff, management and sponsors" then consider it so attached here...

Toward the end of this episode I thought to bring up Marcion (whom I refered to as the granddaddy of all Heretics.) I have done a bit of research about Marcion and decided to compile some of my favorite resources on the subject.

Many thanks to the marcion.info website  and the painstaking work of Stewart Grayson Waugh, that he shares with the world on his website: Origins, the 2nd Century whose work is compiled to create the following PDF document:

The following podcast was found at Archive.org and offers valuable information regarding the Marcionite phenomenon:

Perhaps a topic for future study - I could not help but draw a parallel with Marcion and "Two Gospels" thought... ;)


Good stuff there Mike. You weren't kidding when you said "painstaking work"... 365 pages in the pdf. Wow, I don't even know that many words. ;D

I just started looking at the material but wanted to thank you for this info.

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