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Episode 12 - The One Where We Begin An Exploration Of Hell

Started by Michael:D, January 25, 2017, 05:59:51 PM

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In this episode Greg, DaveT, Mike:D, Casey, and our newest member Bryant begin our discussion with the question "Is There A Hell."  Even though the question is a good one and documentation was made available to all, the topic tended to move toward Faith and Belief in general. We actually had a lively, spirit filled discussion on many interesting subjects. Casey had to leave early but Wayne popped in toward the end to re-kindle the fire.   ;D

Please listen in...
Click the player below to listen in your browser or right-click and "save audio as" to download the podcast:


I thought this was one of our best discussions to date. This is one of the easiest topics to discuss since there is so much information available and it only requires looking at three little misunderstood and badly mistranslated words to find the truth. I have attached a pdf file to this post so you can follow along with the discussion. We didn't refer to it much in this class but will in the next one. The 2nd attachment is an article I read explaining how the whole idea of "eternal torment" started and how it has morphed into something totally foreign to the Gospel.

So, read up and be ready.

Click here to read 3 documents combined into one about Hell.

Click here to read about the origin of eternal punishment


In order to continue my studies on this topic I decided to see if there was any audio from Concordant Publishing Concern's free media library...

I was pleased to see Jim Coram - (I really do enjoy listening to this guy) - did a lesson on Hell that has been combined with a follow-up lesson on Soul and Spirit. I found this to go hand-in-hand with our discussions and the lesson on Soul and Spirit really helps to put the lesson on Hell into perspective:

I am linking to their mp3 file here - Enjoy!

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