Episode 22 - The One Where We Consider "How Difficult Is Salvation"

Started by Michael:D, May 31, 2017, 08:57:05 AM

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Greg, DaveT and Mike:D are joined by Dara:D and soon(er or later) find themselves in a discussion regarding how difficult we often make salvation. We weigh the notions of "the task of salvation" compared with "salvation by grace of God." What would it really take to fill the pews? What happens to reduce congregation size? Hear a frank and open discussion with several interesting twist and turns. Pull up a set and join us as we explore God's Word of Truth. [2Timothy 2:15]

Please listen in...
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At 14:40 into this recording we were inspired to come up with a potential new name for our study group...

Here is an idea for that T-Shirt:

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