Episode 24 - The One Where We Look for Biblical Support of UniSal*

Started by Michael:D, June 21, 2017, 12:49:53 PM

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Greg, DaveT and Mike:D return to a discussion of Universal Salvation/Reconciliation and begin to present Bible verses to back-up this notion.

The idea that everyone will one day be with God is a very tough concept to embrace in light of many lessons learned through a lifetime of Church-going. Through a careful study of God's word, we are finding the truth presented in the scriptures to be very much at variance with a lot of mainstream Christian doctrine.

Greg mentions in this recording that some documents would be made available in connection with this study; Here are those documents in downloadable PDF format:

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*UniSal is an unregistered service mark of MtZionIndy's Not Mainstream Bible Study Group and is hereby offered into the public domain. It may be freely used so long as this disclaimer remains intact and accompanies any and all usage. Greg D remains owner of intellectual property rights for the term and reserves those rights to revoke permissions in any instance where the term is used to imply anything other than the notion that it is the ultimate council of God's will that He should become "All In All." 

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