Episode 25 - The One Where We Explain Why Christianity is Right.

Started by Michael:D, July 06, 2017, 09:56:05 AM

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It's the Fourth of July and Greg, DaveT, Mike:D and Dara (with Kato the dog in tow) welcome our ol' pal Phil, who joins us for his inaugural visit to this study group! Phil has asked this class to help answer that oft' posed question: "How can we know which religion is the right one?" This is a valid question and one that is the driving force behind many quests for theological truth. With countless denominational "flavors" in the Christian faith tradition, Non-Christian God Centered teachings, along with myriad other - more secular - paths to enlightenment and/or peace of mind how do we know that:

1. God Is Real
2. The Bible Is True
3. Jesus Was Here
4. The Holy Spirit Is With Us
5. Belief Is Justified

These are just some of those nagging questions that many people of faith would rather repress or avoid altogether. The "Not Mainstream Doctrine Bible Study Group" gladly celebrate this nations' independence by addressing these concerns head-on and give it to God to help us shine the light of his truth into these dark corners of doubt.

Please listen in...
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Hello all. This was a fun and informative class ( I say that like they're not all fun and informative  ;) ) and I wanted to do 2 things here.

1: To post the notes I made for this class (and forgot to bring). These notes are in no way exhaustive but touch on the important points to be made for why Christianity is the right (and only) way to God.

2: I also wanted to thank Phil for being with us in class and welcome him back any time and extend the invitation to anyone else that wants to join in.

We are open to discuss any subject you wish to discuss. No subject is taboo, assuming it is a legitimate search for truth and ultimately involves our Lord and Savior.

Thanks again for listening to our audio and please, join us sometime.

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