Episode 35 - The One About The Mortality Of The Soul

Started by Michael:D, February 07, 2018, 10:31:49 AM

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In this meeting of the non-mainstream bible study group Greg and Mike:D are missing the regulars, DaveT and Jack but are pleased to welcome back Dara and a couple of first time guests,  Ann and Carrie to the discussion.

In Sunday School last Sunday a discussion of Hell was begun and it was suggested that those wishing to continue the investigation should join the Tuesday evening Bible study group to look into the matter in greater depth.

For this meeting a couple of hand-outs were given to go over and these are used to (somewhat) guide the discussion. Download PDF versions of these documents below:

The Case Against Hell
What Happens When We Die

These are thought to be two very important matters to straight if one is desiring to come into a realization of the TRUTH.

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