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Started by Michael:D, January 17, 2019, 01:03:36 PM

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In reply to a blogging friend of mine I offered the following (by way of comments) to their "Year in Review / Looking Forward to the New Year" type article.

(January 8, 2019)
There is never any shortage of advice about love and to prove that point I will dare to offer what I feel to be essential to finding the "one" - since you have expressed a desire to modify your views in this regard:

I myself was the victim of serial heartbreak until venturing into a mental exercise that prepared me to recognize my soul-mate when she walked into my life. In desperation I reviewed those individuals I had felt compelled to love more deeply than - in hind-sight - I wish I had. I thought long and hard about what characteristics about each I most missed in their absence. I thought about what do I desire from a relationship that I have yet to encounter. In short I mentally prepared a "girl of my dreams" based on aspects of love I had gleaned from my life. I looked at my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors - good and bad...

As heartless as this may sound; until I was able to describe to myself this person, in detail, I felt as though I was adrift in hopelessness. However, once I had the 'template' - remarkably soon after - an angel stepped right into this halo I had already prepared.

I find myself increasingly growing into a believer of predestination and am quite certain the person you seek can only be seeking after you. Of course, we know not what the future may hold - "best laid plans" and all that...

...Do you think love is rational?...

(January 11, 2019)
Sounds like an innocent enough question doesn't it: "Do you think love is rational?" I must say it set the windmills of the mind a-turning...

Love is multifaceted and it could be said that some aspects appear rational where others seem without a doubt irrational. The task of explaining what love is so easily plunges one into the poetical that even the attempt to do so is akin to chasing butterflies (and all the imagery that that act might inspire.)

I believe it is us, the creatures, who prefer to think ourselves rational. We seek for an explanation of Love before we can commit to it. Love - it is said - is an emotion (which I find to be a misleading notion.) Holy scripture tells us that Love is God's essence. We like to think that we are the arbiters of Love and it is ours to do with what we will... this too is a mistake. I think it is a blurring of the lines between "Love" and "Will" that lead to much in the way of disappointment.

At the risk of getting "preachy" I think it is important to remember that there is purpose to all that is. There will never be an Earthly (rational) explanation for any of it. If you can accept there are forces at work, greater that we can possibly imagine, then given the statement "God is Love" we must conclude that True Love is the only rational thing there is...

As we live our lives we must recognize that in our current reality we are perpetually experiencing consecutive "now" moments in time; a seemingly endless series of "nows" that give the perception of movement, much like the advancing frames of a film trick us into perceiving action before us. We are constituted with memories which serve to prove our existence in our own minds. We tend to remember our past but are powerless to do anything to change it. It truly "Is, What It Is" (or "Was" if you prefer.)

The mental exercise I suggested in my previous comment has incumbent upon it acceptance of the notion that the future is as equally immutable as the past. While we never really know what the future will bring, it is often surprising when things come to pass just as we perceive them. Very often humanity gets caught up in chasing the realizations of their own preconceptions; they lose sight of the joy that is promised by living life in the will of Wills. Trust that you are granted only the power to glimpse the future as it _truly is_ and will never see what will never be. Things will happen that will cause you to question your very existence at times but just wait for it... you will very often find yourself in "one moment in time" that will shine unmistakable clarity on all that came before, and that light will be shining from the truth set directly before you.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly was not of this mindset "back in the day," when I met the lady who would ultimately become my wife. Nor was I walking "the straight and narrow" path to enlightenment... but enlightenment will come to those who seek it. Enlightenment will most certainly come to all, regardless... seek contentment - you will find it only on the path to Love.

(January 16, 2019)
The concepts I have expressed here are not typically offered freely to family and friends but they were the frequent underpinnings for the occasional lecture to my children (when the situation warranted - the memory of which would induce eye-rolls in them to this day) ??
Perhaps it is our interactions with love that are always completely irrational. We like to think of love as though it were a solid, an object for our consumption. Viewing love as a sort of luminiferous aether might begin to approach a truer simile. The power of love being a driving force; the rejection of the same - wherein the bulk of humanity finds its heroes - being the general state of affairs.

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