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Started by Michael:D, February 03, 2016, 10:49:45 AM

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Thanks for sharing these links Greg - I am placing them here for safe keeping :)

Below you will find hyperlinks to several resources I have found over the years.

Martin Zender (Universal Reconciliation) - There's a lot of good stuff here.
    The Zender/Sheridan radio show - http://www.martinzender.com/zender_sheridan_show/main2.htm
    Main website - http://www.martinzender.com

Dan Sheridan (Universal Reconciliation) - Mostly audio not nearly as much stuff as Zender.

Les Feldick - Very good down to Earth Bible teacher. I first learned about Peter/Paul issue from him. He's not in your face about it but does teach from that perspective. He is on several TV stations. Click the link on the main page, toward the top to see the schedule. You can also read or listen to all of his programs on the website or download transcripts from all of his programs for free.

Richard Jordan - Forgotten Truths. Another Peter/Paul teacher. A little more in your face about it but still good.

Hal Lindsey - Most prophecy and end times stuff but very up to date.

Prophecy Watchers - A lot of prophecy but also gets into "out of the mainstream" subjects.

Skywatch TV - A lot of different subjects, prophecy, preparedness and "out of the mainstream" subjects.

If you get a computer/laptop, I would definitely install E-Sword. I have the files you need to install it but here is their website:


I will now use a phrase I rarely use because I think it is overused... AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks Mike. It hadn't occurred to me to post the links. I guess I'm still not in the forum board mindset yet.

I would like to add one more link that has proven to be very helpful to me for many years.


This is the website of Chuck Missler. I credit him with rekindling my interest in God again. I got saved when I was 13 (many moons ago) but never really did much study until I hit about 30. My dad, brother and I went to a prophecy conference in Florida in 1992. Missler was there with many other well know prophecy teachers and I got hooked.

By the way, a lot of the material from the K-House website is already available in Mt Zions library. Please check it out. There's a ton of good stuff there. Mike and Dara spent a lot of time making the library an excellent resource for our use.


I just came across this helpful program:

Scripture 4 All
Greek / Hebrew interlinear Bible software

overcome the language barrier and get in touch with the original

Download: http://scripture4all.org/download/download_ISA3.php

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