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masodo scored 4800 in Ride The Bus on December 11, 2018, 8:29 pm
dara scored 1840 in Christmas Gifts on December 11, 2018, 9:16 am
masodo scored 12446 in Neptune Solitaire on December 8, 2018, 8:31 pm
*masodo scored 2010 in Christmas Gifts on December 8, 2018, 9:47 am
Admin scored 1390 in Christmas Gifts on December 7, 2018, 8:39 pm
Grinch scored 20460 in Emoji Mahjong on December 2, 2018, 12:34 am
*dara scored 4920 in Words on November 28, 2018, 6:41 pm
dara scored 1000 in Alice in Tetrisland on November 28, 2018, 6:24 pm
dara scored 1749 in Around the world Darts on November 28, 2018, 6:18 pm
*dara scored 87725 in Crash It! on November 28, 2018, 6:06 pm
dara scored 132634 in Kiba & Kumba: Tri Towe on November 19, 2018, 3:43 pm
*dara scored 40240 in Treasure Hunt 2 on November 19, 2018, 9:30 am
masodo scored 11608 in Frozen Bubble on November 13, 2018, 10:44 pm
masodo scored 77128 in Crash It! on November 13, 2018, 10:21 pm
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  mike (78 Wins)
  panda (67 Wins)
  grapjas (25 Wins)
  masodo (23 Wins)
  Harmony (7 Wins)
  Eagle_Kiwi (3 Wins)
  Cinderella (3 Wins)
  Capt. Cave Man (2 Wins)
  Krikke (1 Wins)
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100 wins

Games that dara is champion.
Mah Jongg Garden - Click two matching tiles to remove them. Only free tiles can be selected. Free tiles are not covered by any other tiles and have a free edge on the left or right side. There are two tilesets of each game. Click `Deal New Tileset` to move to the next tiles
Score to beat:
Mermaid Millionaire Slots - Slots Machine - Make lots of money
Score to beat:
5 Reel Jurassic Slots - Slots Game so make some money
Score to beat:
Escalation Link - Click the different objects in this matching game
Score to beat:
FWG Pinnball - Multiple pinball machines wrapped into one game. Unlike a regular pinball game, you use a paddle to bounce the pinball around the machine. Look out for combos and bonuses!
Score to beat:
Power Pinball - Power Pinball, unlock all the mysteries of the jungle to lead you to high score domination!
Score to beat:
Yahtzee! - Classic Yahtzee at its finest!
Score to beat:
Chain Reaction - get a chain reaction for as long as possible. Molecules will activate each other if their side atoms are connected.
Score to beat:
Plumber 2 - Move pipes around to get the water to flow to the other end of the pipe!
Score to beat:
Slingo Delux - Play up to 3 rounds of slingo.
Score to beat:
Mahjong Dark Dimensions - The new puzzle classic returns with yet another twist! Mahjongg Dark Dimensions offers even bigger challenges than the original 3D Mahjongg game, with new puzzles and features. Just when you think you're stuck, you can rotate the cube to reveal more
Score to beat:
Spot The 25 Differences challenge 1 - Identify the differences with the help of the round lens & click it to confirm.
Score to beat:
Gimme 5 Movie - Compare movie posters and spot 5 differences between them. Can get rather difficult spoting them.<br />you must complete 1 level before you can get a highscore, otherwise you get a 0 score
Score to beat:
Gimme 5 - Comic - Finde die 5 Fehler im Bild.
Score to beat:
Find It - Find 7 errors on the right image
Score to beat:
Alvin and the Chipmunks STD - Identify the difference and click it to confirm. You get 50 points for every correct click and you lose 10 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click game gets over.
Score to beat:
(Sexy) Celebrity Photo Hunt 1 - Get out your magnifying glasses and search for the sexy differences in each of the photos we give you. The hunt continues, so be there for the adventure.
Score to beat:
Find The Numbers 31 - Find all The Numbers - One time each - dont overclick!.
Score to beat:
Detective - Find the character shown before the time runs out!
Score to beat:
Crystal Hunter - Episode 1 - Hunting for crystals in the fastest time. Arrows on left and right side to change rooms.
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 2 - Sexy Celebrity Photo Hunt
Score to beat:
Camping Spot The Difference - Spot The Difference.
Score to beat:
Find the Numbers - 28 - Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers which are in various forms. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
Score to beat:
Find The Numbers - Find The Numbers before time run out
Score to beat:
Arthur - Find the Numbers - Analyze your power of observation by finding out the numbers. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced.
Score to beat:
Darts - 301 - Start with a point value of 301 and each number you hit will subtract that value from your starting points. Use the spacebar to aim and throw darts. Watch the status board for important rules and score information.
Score to beat:
12 Swap - Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more. A zookeeper like game just your not playing with animals this time your playing with smileys.
Score to beat:
Osmose Mahjong Pyramids - Ready for some tiles and some more tiles? Say hello to Osmose Mahjong! Locate the similar tiles in various levels.
Score to beat:
Blocky - Find the same colored blocks in four corners and select them. All the blocks within then disappear.
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 8 - Get out your magnifying glasses and search for the sexy differences in each of the photos we give you. The hunt continues, so be there for the adventure
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 10 - Peel back your eyelids and search for the sexy differences in the photos we show you. We even time you.
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 11 - Can you spot what’s different between two sexy photos of Bond girls?
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 12 - Find the difference between two photos and SAVE THE PLANET. Okay, not really.
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 13 - It's that time again to stare at two sexy pictures and see what&#39;s different about them
Score to beat:
Celebrity Photo Hunt 9 - In this race against time, you have to find out what the difference is between two pictures. If you lose, you lose at life.
Score to beat:
Alchemy II - Use your magic Runes to transmute the board from lead to gold - You must place Runes next to another that matches in either colour or shape.
Score to beat:
Slingo Brazil - Slingo Brazil
Score to beat:
Bingo [FL] - Get bingo on your cards
Score to beat:
Patience Delux - Lay down the cards from left to right in order of importance.
Score to beat:
Avalon Escape - Noble knights live forever... heroes never die... Escape from Avalon Castle and let the legend continue...
Score to beat:
Axend Escape - This escape game will take you to an adventure that you will never forget&#33; Where&#39;s your destination? You will go through the dark place where the lost souls inhabit for a long time. You don&#39;t want to disturb them but you need to es
Score to beat:
Bomb Shelter Escape - Find the clues that will enable you to escape from the Bomb Shelter.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape - Find the hidden numbers in order to get into the safe for the key that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 2 - Find the hidden numbers in order to get into the safe for the key that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 3 - Find the clues that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 4 - Find the clues that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 5 - Find the clues that will allow you to escape
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 6 - Find the clues that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Bad Memory Escape 7 - Find the clues that will allow you to escape.
Score to beat:
Creepy Crypt Escape - Creepy crypt escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. You went exploring and ended up falling into a creepy crypt, now you need to look around and figure out how to escape - Collect items and solve puzzles to escape the
Score to beat:
Classic Bedroom Escape - The 265th escape game from A mom punishes her son for his mischievous behavior by locking him alone in the bedroom. Now help the boy to escape from the room.
Score to beat:
Abandoned Asylum - This Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years many explorers have searched for the secrets that lie deep within the asylums confine
Score to beat:
Monsterjong - MonsterJong is a beautiful Mahjong game that should entertain you for a long time given the many levels it offers.
Score to beat:
yatzy - Based on Yahtzee, the goal is to string together combinations with 5 dice to win maximum points. Play alone, OR against a computer opponent. (Large straight=23456, Small=12345) ... Score AUTOSUBMITS invisibly
Score to beat:
The Pinball Of Oz - Complete all levels of the game The Pinball Of Oz, in a fantastic and enchanted world! Your aim is to complete various missions within the universe of the Wizard of Oz.
Score to beat:
Solitaire Quest Klondike - Go on an adventure through authentic Klondike gold rush territories in search of fame and fortune&#33; Complete unique goals and play Klondike Solitaire like never before&#33; Your Best Level Score will propel you to the top of the leaderboard&
Score to beat:
Animal Rescue - Save the animals by getting them safely to the ground
Score to beat:
Combo Crusader - You are a young fearless knight and you go from fight hordes of monsters to eliminate them. Killing these animals for thousands of points&#33; Finds lines longer monsters in this game. Connect Cyclops, magical sea creatures and little terrors on the b
Score to beat:
Gin Rummy Classic - Draws cards used in combination and shoo away the other as quickly as possible! Will you do a knock as soon as possible or wait for you to make a gin or a super gin? Get three or four cards of the same value or a series of at least three cards. All cards
Score to beat:
TBS - Texas Hold - Its a card game of texas holdem
Score to beat:
Magic Match 2 Genies Journey - Magic Match returns! Take a journey with Merlin and Giggles through Arcania in this magical and mesmerizing puzzle adventure.
Score to beat:
Sudoku - Sudoku is a logic-based placement puzzle. You need to enter numbers in each cell. Some cells already contain numbers. The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row and the region contains the numbers exactly once.
Score to beat:
Hop Dont Stop - A nice little bunny and an endless race track? It sounds like Hop Dont Stop - a addictive game of skill full of diamonds, power-ups and, of course, many obstacles and abysses. Jump, duck, dodge obstacles and collect the diamonds to improve the skills of t
Score to beat:
Aloha Solitaire - In Aloha Solitaire, you must eliminate all the tray cards grouped by the same value. You will be depending on the number of hits, restart the pile of cards to finish.
Score to beat:
Gem Legends - Set new records and get achievements in the amazing match 3 game Gem Legends!
Score to beat:
Black White Mahjong 2 - Successor to the succesfull Black & White Mahjong.
Score to beat:
Brick Break - Brick Break is a game of strategy and not a test of speed or quick thinking. ... To Submit anytime, click &quot;NEW&quot;. (NOTE:-Game doesn&#39;t remember your previous session.)
Score to beat:
Pyramid Solitaire (byCodeTL) - Goal of the game is to clear the card pyramid, matching two cards whose sum is 13
Score to beat:
Through The Cave - Through The Cave - Episode 1, this crafty wizard is going to need every trick in the book to get out of this cave in one piece. Game submits score in the background without refreshing the page.
Score to beat:
Solitaire Quest - Pyramid - Join Goldy McSacks as he continues his globetrotting adventure from the icy confines of the north to the burning sands of the Middle East&#33; Battle scary scarabs and massive mummies as you play the cards to your advantage, discovering fantastic new
Score to beat:
The Floor is Lava - Your goal is simple. Jump through your living room, but remember that the soil can turn into hot lava at any time. Use balloons and rockets to stay longer in the air.
Score to beat:
Super Coin Pusher - Click top area to drop coins - Push them off the edge to win.
Score to beat:
Coin Pusher: CASH-OUT - Click top (gray) area to drop coins - Push them off the edge to win. Take the money!
Score to beat:
The Treasures of Montezuma II - A Bejeweled-type game that will transport you to a forgotten world: the Aztecs, enchanted totems and magic spells - It has a lot of levels
Score to beat:
Fancy Diver - Fancy Diver, he has explored the ocean floor but now it is time to head back to the surface. Can you help clear the way?
Score to beat:
Cute Puzzle Witch - Click any combination of three or more useridentical blocks next to each other. Pop all the blocks
Score to beat:
3 Keys Solitaire - A special tripeaks solitaire game
Score to beat:
BLOBS - Paint the whole game in the same color - starting from the top left
Score to beat:
Scorpion Solitaire - Arrange the cards in 4 columns of descending order, from King to Ace. Click on the column most right, to deal the final 3 cards.
Score to beat:
Sugar Mahjong - Connect all the candy mahjong stones. sugar mahjong has a hundred levels for you to enjoy.
Score to beat:
Words - Make valid words on the grid and reach the indicated goals: cover the blue squares, reach the score and number of valid words.
Score to beat:
Treasures of Atlantis - Move the various colored balls so that at least three of the same colour are next to each other.
Score to beat:
Berry Jump - Climb as high as possible by catching the fruits but avoiding the bombs. SUBMIT on the controller
Score to beat:
Crystal Fairy - Help the Crystal Fairy grow her magical creatures by collecting animal pictures.
Score to beat:
Crazy Eights - Be the first player to get rid of all your cards. When on turn either play a legal card or draw a card from the stock. A legal card matches the top card on the discard pile in rank or in suit. An eight may be played on any card and the player on turn must
Score to beat:
Chinese Solitaire - The object is to build 4 foundation piles up in suit from Ace to King. You can move any open card to the top of another column in alternating color and descending rank
Score to beat:
Crash It! - Unleash the diamonds by breaking down the stones on the track. Click on stones that have at least three identical colors next to each other.
Score to beat:
Emoji Mahjong - Find the pairs that are at least 90 degrees. Break down the track as soon as possible.
Score to beat:
Falling Sudoku - Move the falling numbers to align them according to Sudoku rules.
Score to beat:
Tower Mania - Build the tallest structure and place each stone carefully on top of each other to stack and align them correctly.
Score to beat:
Ride The Bus - Try to get as close as possible to 31 points of the same suit or make 3 of a kind for 30 points!
Score to beat:
Gin Rummy - Create three or four of a kind (sets) or three or more cards in sequence and suit (runs). All cards that are not in a combination count toward your deadwood. When your deadwood is below 10 points, you can knock to determine the winner of the hand. You ca
Score to beat:
Treasure Hunt 2 - Take the mines to the gold, move the course to find the right way.
Score to beat:
Fishing Trip - Collect the gold and other treasures by releasing the grabber at the right moment. Reach the goal to advance to the next level.
Score to beat:
Triple Mahjong - Combine three instead of two tiles in this exciting Mahjong game. You can combine any flower tile with another, the same applies to the season tiles.
Score to beat:
Ferris Wheel - Shoot the balls so that at least three of the same colors are next to each other.
Score to beat:
Starship Escape - Get as many stars as you can
Score to beat:
Ice Cream Bar - Serve the right order to your clients. Create the exact ice cream and add the ingredients in the right order. Click on the finished ice cream to deliver your order.
Score to beat:
Museum Manace - Are you ready to help the Museum recover from security breach?
Score to beat:
Apple Shooter - Shoot the apple off of your friends head
Score to beat:
The Apple Shooter - Aim to shoot an apple and see that you shoot crows also, so that crow doesn’t steal your apples.Complete the given target before arrow finishes. Use bow and arrow symbol to jump into the next tree.Have fun!
Score to beat:
Bee and Bear - Click on a group of 3 or more of the same items to remove them. Collect as many flowers as indicated to let the Bee and try to reach the Bear. Drop the spade down to remove the trees.
Score to beat:
Champions Zuma - Champions Zuma is a fast and cool online game in the style of Zuma games that is played with soccer balls. Again, with the help of the mouse and the cannon, you have to shoot the colored balls again. You have to do that, like in the Zuma games
Score to beat:
Bubble Dragons - A bubble shooter game with a twist. Pop bubbles to meet the goal of each level in this fun arcade game. Release dragons or fish, collect keys and unleash the power of various boosters both on the board and in your bubbles shooter.
Score to beat:
Flower Sudoku - Sudoku game: drag and place one of each tile in every row, column and box.
Score to beat:
Frozen Bubble - CLASSIC! Shoot bubbles up and create groups of 3 or more of the same bubbles to remove them from the game.
Score to beat:
Get 10 - Kind of like 2048 but not really... You must GET 10!
Score to beat:
Neptune Solitaire - Pair up cards of consecutive rank. Aces and Kings are consecutive. So pair a Q with a J or K or pair a 3 with a 2 or 4. A Joker can be used for any card.
Score to beat:
Supermarket Numbers - Click numbers to get the desired outcome shown on the left.
Score to beat:

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