Topic: Downloadable DOS Games

Normally our games are only available for download to those members with "Affiliate" status however, we have decided to make our DOS Games available for all members to download.
The following announcement has been added to the arcade greeting message as "Big News":
The DOS Games are playable here online but unfortunately scores are not recorded to the arcade. However, all DOS Games are now available for download (for logged-in members of the arcade) so they can be played offline on your own computer using the DOSBOX program. DOSBOX acts as a virtual machine for the DOS environment, allowing you to save progress, record high-scores and improve performance, just as these games were designed to be. Click the link [below] to download DOSBOX for your system and look for the DOSBOX logo on the game’s "PLAY" page to download the game as zip file.
Retro-gaming is a whole lot of fun and DeBurger Game Room is pleased to facilitate the pursuit big_smile