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Welcome to Oaklandon Sunday, June 16 2024 @ 06:18 pm EDT

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1.Lawrence Township
I found the following article concerning the history of Lawrence Township in Marion County Indiana. It is very dated but that's history for you ;) There are several references to "Oakland" which I assume to be referring to "Oaklandon." The following is reprinted from Marion County, INGenWeb Source: Sulgrove, B. ...
2.A Playground Of Dreams
An image search on keword "Oaklandon" has yielded a bunch more images of the wooden play area that (beyond pictures) exists only as fond memories in the minds of those park-goers fortunate enough to have visited this unique creation. I would surely like to learn who was actually behind designing ...
3.Map of Oakland - 1889
Detail Map of Oakland Published in 1889 Source: Atlas of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana 1889 - Griffing, Gordon & Co.   [ pg 12 ] - Lawrence Township, Oakland, and Castleton Courtesy: Map Collection, Indiana Division, Indiana State Library
Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 3 January 1901
5.Germantown - Our Historic Neighbor
Check out the Germantown/Geist Image Gallery The Germantown community is truly one for the history books. In searching out information about Oaklandon I happened upon the following article reprinted on The story is credited to Jennifer Gal, wife of Dr. Sandor Gal and was likely originally published for the ...
Dear Readers, I received the following inquiry over on our facebook page from one, Mike Slaubaugh. It is reprinted here with his permission in an effort to help locate a lost bit of Oaklandon related information: Being from over 100 years ago, this is likely lost to history, but worth ...
7.The Dancing Waiter at Sanitorium
George Gibson, "the Dancing Waiter" entertains patients at the Sunnyside Tuberculosis Sanitorium, also called the Marion County Tuberculosis Hospital. The sanitorium was located on Route 12 (now 36) northeast of Indianapolis in an area called Oaklandon. Though tuberculosis had previously been treatable only through surgery, the antibiotic streptomycin became available ...
8.Legality Of School Abandoning Raised
Richmond Palladium (Daily), Volume 32, Number 226, 18 September 1907
9.Mock Cemetary
Source: A list of gravesite occupants for: MOCK CEMETERY, Lawrence Twsp., Marion Co., IN Location: North latitude 39 deg. 52.08 min. ; West longitude 85 deg. 58.04 min.. Cemetry is on the west edge of Oaklandon , IN, just north of of Indiana Road 67 (US 36), and just ...
10.A Good Sign for Oaklandon
Image snapped by Dara DeBurger, October 20, 2019 Southeast corner Pendleton Pike & 56th Street
11.Eureka - Paradise!
One of the major reasons for beginning this Unofficial Oaklandon Community Website was the frustration I felt when trying to revisit an article I remembered seeing on the internet many years ago; unable to find it to spite countless searches. I knew it was an article dealing with Oaklandon history ...
12.The Curse of Oaklandon
  I have been enjoying the uncovering of information about the town of Oaklandon for several years now. Little did I know that a deep, dark mystery was lurking just below the surface of my little parcel of Earth here on the outskirts of Paradise ( Camp Paradise that is. ...
13.Oakland Town Map - 1866
Oakland Detail from 1866 Map of Marion County, Indiana Created / Published - Philadelphia : C.O. Titus, Publisher, 1866. Click to Enlarge Description:     "Entered according to Act of Congress in the 1865 by C.O. Titus in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania." ...
14.Old Times
Indianapolis News, Indianapolis, Marion County, 3 August 1878 Click image below for full size image (Transcript Below.)
15.Touring the Streets of Oaklandon - AGAIN!
After posting an announcement on the Nextdoor website about the existence of this humble website, I was very pleased with the interest and overall positive response by many of my neighbors (who are also users of that system.) Among the many comments received was one from Nancy Hannet which offered ...
16.Historic Time Line
A TIMELINE OF FAITH AND COMMUNITY: LAWRENCE-GEIST, 1849 TO 1998 1849 Lanesville platted near Bee Line Railroad and Pendleton Pike. 1866 Lanesville's name is changed to Lawrence after the name of the post office. 1886 Population of Lawrence: 150. It has become a trading center.
I found the following on an "Wayback Machine" 2006 snapshot of OAKLANDON CELEBRATES 150 Community takes different direction The community of Oaklandon is celebrating its 150th birthday in 1999. Oaklandon was platted just months after Lawrence, but the community took a different direction, possibly due to its location, ...
18.Excerpt: History of Indianapolis and Marion County
History of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana, Part 2 By Berry Robinson Sulgrove L.H. Everts & Company, 1884 - Indianapolis A detailed history of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana, from its settlement in the early 19th century. Covers general history, political history, business and industrial interests, social history, architecture and ...
Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 3 January 1878
20.Oaklandon Community by Cyndi Sloop
The following article was written in 2007 by Cynthia Sloop for her blog, Cyndi Sloop's Community Scoop.  It represents one of the few articles I have found on the internet that attempts to address the Oaklandon Community as a whole (albeit from the point of view of a realestate professional.) Source: ...
21.O.H.S. 1900 - Football Team
Details from Google Streetview Captures: October 2017 September 2017 April 2012 August 2009,-85.9574452,3a,75y,296.57h,97.2t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sc3Fjt6RKF2qRJFg42NIS0w!2e0!5s20171001T000000!7i13312!8i6656  
23.Train Wreck Near Oaklandon (1903)
Indianapolis Journal, Volume 53, Number 249,Indianapolis, Marion County, 6 September 1903
24.Real Estate Transfer
Indianapolis News Indianapolis, Marion County, 28 May 1920
25.American Dirt Explores Oaklandon
I was performing a Yahoo search of the web using the keywords "Oaklandon" and "History" and several pages deep into the results I was rewarded with a link to " American Dirt " a blog maintained by Eric McAfee and purporting to offer "Observations of Contemporary Landscapes - An Amature ...
26.Christopher Apple House
Source: Western front of the Christopher Apple House, located at 11663 Pendleton Pike (U.S. Route 36) in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Built in 1859, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. National Register of Historic Places Inventory -- Nomination form. [ 3.5MB pdf ]  
27.Carpenter Realty on Oaklandon
From At the northeastern edge of Marion County, just a few miles past Lawrence and just a step from McCordsville and Hancock County, you’ll find the small community of Oaklandon. Back in 1849, the now-deceased John Emery laid out a small village northeast of the state capitol. Originally called ...
28.Blade Runner
Transporting Windmill Blades via railroad car sure makes for an awesome sight. After watching 15 or 20 of these things go by I finally decided to get out the cell phone and record this event. Great entertainment for those fortunate enough to get stopped at the Oaklandon crossing this time!
Indianapolis Journal Indianapolis, Marion County, 12 August 1888
Muncie Post-Democrat,Muncie, Delaware County, 25 April 1930
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